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Can’t believe how we seem to just be friends since ages ago! Thank you for spending time with me today, getting acquainted, and explaining your product. I feel confident that I can put this package together for myself and use it with clients – and use it to expand my service offerings.
Presently, I own at least two “systems” which I have never implemented. The first one I never used because I don’t like the plastic packaging, the plastic sleeves, and the look and feel of the thing. Now that may be a stupid reason, but that’s the reason. The other system is a filing system and not easily portable.
I like how you advise users to put copies of their docs in the Black Box, and retain originals elsewhere. This makes so much more sense than keeping all originals in one portable location.
Especially I appreciate your offer to send vetted referrals my way. Always welcomed.
Thanks again and delighted to get acquainted with you. I hope we can do additional business together in the coming year.
Best regards,
Helen, Great State of Virginia

“The Personal Black Box System offers a customizable plan that best fits my needs and concerns. It is mobile, well organized, and user friendly for any age. The file folders make it easy to print or copy statements and place them right in the proper place. The Black Box eliminates the stress of transferring information onto a separate document where the risks of writing a number incorrectly or missing information could occur. In addition, you can consult with the creator to help personalize your needs.”
Elizabeth, Cincinnati, Ohio

"This Black Box is perfect for my needs. Its user friendly, and I have everything I need in a place that I can easily access and transport. I wish my folks had something like this. I spent hours going through desk drawers and files. This is a great idea, and I think reasonably priced. Thanks Sue!"
Ian, Cincinnati, Ohio

" I bought the Black Box for my dad. It took us a day to gather most of the information. While reading through the suggestions, we realized that the beneficiary information was outdated on his retirement accounts and his car was in his name only. Dad and I had some good conversations throughout the process of completing his black box. My wife thinks that was worth much more than the cost of the box and manual. I'd have to say she is right- this time...."
Jeff, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I think what sets the Personal Black Box System apart is it is more flexible than other systems that I have seen that have pages and pages that need to be filled in. You can update and change what is in your black box easily and it is also portable. The manual goes into more detail identifying suggestions for content and leaves less to chance on finding where the information might be located. It can be customized to the individual user, rather than one book fits all or not depending on what you have. The guidance pages are concise, but informative, and more logical with the folders you laid out.”
Mike, Cincinnati, Ohio